jeshface answered your question “Dilemmas! Damn scheduling conflicts! Help! I need help deciding which…”

I may be biased because I don’t know who Rita Volk is, but Grace’s will be a launch party. Very social. With Grace. I’d do that one. :)

That’s the one i’m leaning more towards…but, i’ll be seeing Grace during #NoFilter, and I’m pretty sure I can watch the event later on her channel…but it’d be really awesome to be there in person. 

Rita Volk’s on MTV’s Faking It, whom I also love and would like to see in person.

AH! Can’t decide! :/

Dilemmas! Damn scheduling conflicts! Help! I need help deciding which to attend:

Do I go to Grace’s book launch party tomorrow or to an MTV Panel that’s 45 minutes that has Rita Volk “confirmed” to attend…?

Update: Rita Volk’s in NY, so think its safe to say she’ll be at the event tomorrow. Now I’m really stuck. ?


She’s one of us (x)


Track: Falling for you
Artist: The 1975

I don’t wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your neck” 



when you want to look cute but don’t want to be harassed by men #justgirlythings